Servicing & Maintenance

Regular Servicing & Maintenance

At Best Trailers, we understand that your trailer is a vital component of your vehicle experience. It should be well maintained, just like your car, as it's not just a means of transportation, but also ensures the safety of your possessions on the road.

That's why we offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance solutions to keep your trailer in top condition.

What Does This Include?

We carry out routine inspections and maintenance of trailer components such as axles, brakes and wiring, as well as repairs and replacements of damaged or worn-out parts.

Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service and keeping your trailer performing at its best. Whether you need routine maintenance or repair, we've got you covered.


We can assist with a variety of repair jobs, from big to small.


  • Brake calliper replacement and rebuilds
  • Entire braking system installation


Bearing re-grease and replacement


Suspension rebuilds and bush replacements


Minor rust repairs (rust work that requires no welding)

Warrant of Fitness

  • Pre-WOF Check
  • Taking your trailer for a WOF (safely)


Hub service and rebuilds

    Electrical Repairs

    Electrical rewiring and light repairs


      Axle fabrication and installation

        Take to the road with confidence and peace of mind.